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KORG DS-10 img

KORG DS-10 img

The functionalities are based on “KORG DS-10,” but there are many additional features that expand its usability. Specific programming for track mutes and parameter edits during song playback is now possible, providing a much more versatile music composition experience.

Also, there are Nintendo DSi-specific features in which you can play as if you had two KORG DS-10s on hand. This feature called “Dual DS-10 Mode” is a robust feature that provides more versatility and performance for the user.

Keyboard/Kaoss Pad img|| Keyboard/KAOSS Pad/Matrix ||
The keyboard and KAOSS pad can be played directly with a stylus.
The sensory input mode at the Touch Screen can be easily utilized by inspiring musicians as well as seasoned professionals.
Sequencer imag|| Sequencer ||
Notes that you perform can be recorded in the sequencer, allowing for further editing.

Evolved KORG DS-10 PLUS


This feature will allow you to materialize your inspirations and alter your songs on the fly.


While in the SONG mode, you can program mutes on each track.
You can designate specific patterns, allowing the user to compose in a much wider scale.

New Features Exclusive to the DSi!

Differences between KORG DS-10 PLUS and KORG DS-10



Simultaneous Sound Reproduction

12 sounds 6 sounds 6 sounds

Analog Synth Simulator

4 2 2

Part Drum Machine

2 1 1

SONG Mid-Playback Editing

Yes No

Track MUTE feature in SONG Mode

Yes No

So Much Power, So Little Space

KORG DS-10 PLUS offers two dual oscillator synth parts and four synth/drum parts to accommodate your hit. Sculpt your own sounds with expansive on-screen controls, or start from a preset template and get straight to writing. Create synth and drum lines using KORG DS-10 PLUS's on-screen touch keyboard and drum pads, or engage the elegant 16-step sequencer. Employ KORG's KAOSS technology to add astonishing custom modulations to your tracks in real-time. Tighten the mix with KORG DS-10 PLUS's full featured mixer, then polish that next big groove with multiple effects. Chain patterns to create complete songs and save it all right on the spot.

Touch Control img|| Touch Control ||
Various sound textures are made possible by implementing the 2 VCO's, 3 filter types, and more.
Patching img|| Patching ||
Patching functionality will cater towards avid sound designers as well.

Got Even Bigger Aspirations?

KORG DS-10 PLUS offers 2 types of wireless play features: Multiplayer and Data Exchange. Up to 8 units can be connected and played together through a wireless link, making KORG DS-10 Synthesizer almost limitless in its application--it can take you places that no single synthesizer can.


You can sync up to 8 units and perform an ensemble. Each KORG DS-10 PLUS can be its own independent instrument, or can be assigned a part to create a band--it's up to you on how you want to play!


When you have created new tunes or songs, you can exchange the session data among other KORG DS-10 PLUSs. It is also possible to play to the same tune or pattern by sending the session data in advance. Performances and compositions that weren't feasible with one DS will now be possible.

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